Production & Trailers

Feature Films

Written and Directed on Punjabi film Based on the theme of War Widows and Indo-Pak Friendship. There are several Indian Production Houses which have their long term roots in the Bollywood and Supply with the best Creative, Production and Technical personnal in all of the above mention Countries. SilverVision is fulfilling all the Requirements. The legal team of the Production houses take care of all the Production needs Starting from Studio to legal Permission. The Indian Production Houses also look after the Transportation needs and accomodation. They offer all the services with the mention budget of flim maker. Some of the Primary Services offered by the Indian Production.

AD Films

1 – Banish R(with sudha shivpuri baa of saas bhi kabhi bahu thi)
2 – Banish mouth Ulcer gel(with vishal puri and kashish)
3 – Pimpazole and pimple cream(with kashish)
4 – Jiyagra health tonic(with Mr India Darshath Singh and children) Jiyagra     capsules (with Priyanka and Mukesh)
5 – Jiyagra health drink (with Priyanka and Mukesh)

Music Videos

1 – Billo Teri Tor Vekh ke (Singer Sarabjeet Cheema and model kashmira       shah choreographer Bhupi)
2 – Kali ghaghri (Singer Sarabjeet Cheema and model Pinky Chimoy       choreographer Ganesh Acharya)
3 – Punjabo Raniye (Singer Sarabjeet Cheema and model Divya Dutta       choreographer Ganesh Acharya
4 – Ho Gayi Balle Balle (Singer Gill hardeep,Model Ayesha Juika       choreographer Lolipop)
5 – Na Na Na Na re (Singer Gill hardeep,Model Rakhi sawant
    choreographar Pappu khanna